Stereotypes About Internet Marketing That Aren’t Always True

Don’t want this beginning part to feel like an interrogation it needs to be natural needs to be business conversation so I don’t want to give you a list of ten questions but you do need to spend some time getting to know them and asking those questions ask them about how they’re currently.

Marketing their company if you’re going into the right prospect either again via-live meeting or in person you’re going to be dealing with a company that swell established my mind does at least million dollars per year in revenue and does marketing they believe in marketing already you don’t want to be dealing with the folks that have built their business just on word-of-mouth and have no interest in investing.

In marketing and marketing strategies so this question really will help you determine if there’s a good fit and ideal you would do this over the phone um and tell me a little bit about how your marketing the company today if they’re saying things like oh we’re in the yellow pages we do a lot of pay-per-click advertising we’ve got billboard ads we run radio those are indications that that company invests.

Money and advertising probably is a great fit if they’re saying things like hey we’re just word of mouth you might jump straight to the chase on this and say hey you know our programs range between and dollars per month’s that going to work for you you think that’s something you would consider if the values there just to save yourself the time and energy but again tell me about how you’re marking your company today how many.

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