Gigantic Influences Of Seo Agency Los Angeles

Guys aren’t specialize in okay you can do a mobile-friendly site you can do content and keywords and AD word descriptions okay you know we know how to get the keywords and you know find all that and get in the website but let me show you talk to you about some other.

Stuff okay so local listings all right also call these citations these are very important this is how we got to get our business name address and our business listed out on the internet for people to find us some examples are obviously Google Yahoo Facebook.

Being yellow pages white pages all right when we do them we have to have the business name address and phone number identical because if not Google is going to slap us down all right so you guys have a forty six percent error rate okay this is nearly half of all your citations.

Let me show you why it’s because these are the top in the country right these these the ones that Google is really looking at and you guys are listening only half of them okay you missing all these entries you know I guarantee you there’s people in these listings looking for a web design company but most importantly you know Google needs to know that you’re in there that’s the most.

In serious thing and like this one listing you have the incorrect phone number so that’s penalizing you right there same thing here so these need to be fixed and added in abundance so definitely definitely we can get you listen in all these but these are just like I said these are the top there’s thousands of these on the internet okay people use them every day and the more you have the better you look and the more that the better chances you have of dominating the market so like I.

said you know these are the top there’s thousands of them we want to get you listed in hundreds over time one great thing that we’re able to do as we have the capabilities of finding out exactly where the top competitors are listed in and go list your business in those listings.


Stereotypes About Internet Marketing That Aren’t Always True

Don’t want this beginning part to feel like an interrogation it needs to be natural needs to be business conversation so I don’t want to give you a list of ten questions but you do need to spend some time getting to know them and asking those questions ask them about how they’re currently.

Marketing their company if you’re going into the right prospect either again via-live meeting or in person you’re going to be dealing with a company that swell established my mind does at least million dollars per year in revenue and does marketing they believe in marketing already you don’t want to be dealing with the folks that have built their business just on word-of-mouth and have no interest in investing.

In marketing and marketing strategies so this question really will help you determine if there’s a good fit and ideal you would do this over the phone um and tell me a little bit about how your marketing the company today if they’re saying things like oh we’re in the yellow pages we do a lot of pay-per-click advertising we’ve got billboard ads we run radio those are indications that that company invests.

Money and advertising probably is a great fit if they’re saying things like hey we’re just word of mouth you might jump straight to the chase on this and say hey you know our programs range between and dollars per month’s that going to work for you you think that’s something you would consider if the values there just to save yourself the time and energy but again tell me about how you’re marking your company today how many.